Mechanical and electrical, Lighting, Sustainability, Maintenance,
Energy management, Product design,

Mechanical and electrical

We have expertise in all the mechanical, electrical, lift and public health building services disciplines associated with new construction, refurbishment and operation.

  • Mechanical services: heating, ventilation, air conditioning.
  • Electrical services: lighting, power, security, fire alarm, access control and communication systems.
  • Public health: water services, drainage, rainwater disposal.

The full range of consultancy duties are offered from inception and feasibility, through outline, detail design and tender, to site monitoring and handover.

We provide post-occupancy assistance to ensure that the operation and performance of the systems are to the user's full satisfaction.

INGINE - Skills - Consulting Building Services Engineers
LED lighting for Millennium Place
MJP Architects, artist Francoise Schein


Imaginative and effective lighting design is fundamental to the quality of both interior and exterior space.

We work closely with architects, landscape architects and interior designers to develop lighting concepts which are complementary as well as functional and energy efficient.

Assisted by the most sophisticated computer lighting software we can accurately simulate the design in fully rendered 3-D. The software enables the detail design of special light fittings for particular architectural or lighting effect.

This resource is essential when designing to specified criteria, as in museums and galleries, retail and in the control of external light pollution.

INGINE - Skills - Consulting Building Services Engineers
Internal lighting simulation for New Library at Bedford School
Eric Parry Architects
INGINE - Skills - Consulting Building Services Engineers
External floodlighting simulation for Friendship House Southwark
MJP Architects
INGINE - Skills - Consulting Building Services Engineers
Internal and external lighting for Multi-faith Centre, Coventry
MJP Architects
INGINE - Skills - Consulting Building Services Engineers
Recreated light fittings for Museum of Submarine Telegraphy
MJP Architects


Our ethos as designers and engineers is to develop sustainable buildings, and we specialise in low energy design. Our approach is to inform the conceptual design process so that the buildings are inherently sustainable using passive and active methods, which include:

Making the best use of daylight, so that demand for artificial lighting will be minimised. Our methods will include 3-D computer analysis to calculate daylight factors and solar penetration.

Providing thermal insulation and air tightness levels in excess of the latest Building Regulation requirements. We are increasingly designing buildings to the PassivHaus standard, which limits heating energy to a fraction of current good practice building design.

Designing a natural ventilation strategy and selecting building materials of high thermal mass to absorb internal heat gains, so that the need for mechanical ventilation and/or air conditioning is reduced or eliminated. Our methods will include computer analysis of air movement and thermal performance.

Developing energy efficient systems to minimise the energy consumption of the installed services, including CHP, low energy lighting and appropriate automatic controls

Selecting appropriate renewable energy technologies to meet planning requirements - solar water heating, photovoltaics, ground source heating, biomass and wind power. We assist in identifying grants and other available funding.

For the Stadhaus we used embodied energy calculations for alternative structural materials to replace the need for renewable technologies in a recent housing scheme in Hackney.

INGINE - Skills - Consulting Building Services Engineers
Solar path and shading analysis
INGINE - Skills - Consulting Building Services Engineers
Daylight analysis
INGINE - Skills - Consulting Building Services Engineers
Dynamic thermal simulation model
INGINE - Skills - Consulting Building Services Engineers
CFD thermal and ventilation analysis


Maintenance - IngineWe provide tailored services for building owners and operators to ensure that their facility is maintained correctly and functioning to its optimum efficiency.

We can assist in setting up and managing planned maintenance contracts, where our role could include:

  • Asset registers
  • Tender and management of maintenance contracts
  • Monitor performance testing
  • Prepare plant replacement programmes
  • Advise on upgrades to suit changing client requirements

Energy management

Energy Management - IngineWe promote environmental responsibility in existing buildings in practical ways that are affordable and demonstrable to staff and clients alike, and can form the basis of any formal environmental policy such as ISO14001. These include:

  • Energy audits
  • Occupancy evaluation
  • BREEAM In-Use Assessments
  • Benchmarking
  • Energy Performance Certificates
  • Display Energy Certificates
  • Target and monitoring
  • Tariff analysis and optimisation
  • System upgrade design and contract management

Product design

We are able to produce bespoke designs to meet architectural and client special requirements.

These include special light fittings, controls, systems, electronics and components which are designed from first principles and manufactured to our specifications.

INGINE - Skills - Consulting Building Services Engineers
LED lighting ‘shimmering’ effect
controls for London Bridge Environs
Eric Parry Architects

We deliver award-winning coordinated building services engineering solutions: cost effective, user friendly, energy efficient, and always conscious of the architectural objectives.

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